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Webinar: A Guide for Using New Methods for Population Estimation

Despite the world’s population having nearly quintupled in the past 100 years, our understanding of our fellow global citizens is still limited and often out of date. More than 70 of the SDG indicators are directly connected to population estimates, and having reliable and accurate population data is essential to leaving no one off the map. Recent innovations in geospatial technology and remote sensing have paved the way for gridded population data, and these datasets of have proven integral for policymakers to better understand populations, measure population growth, monitor change, and plan interventions. However, a recent GPDSDD survey of their country partners revealed that officials are still largely unaware of such resources. Moderated by SDSN TReNDS Director, Jessica Espey, this webinar will feature a distinguished panel of speakers who will present on these new population data sources and methods, examples of how they are being used on the ground to track populations in real-time affected by natural disasters, conflict, and disease spread, and the necessary resources and capacity for National Statistical Offices to successfully implement these new approaches. 

Recording of this event is available here.