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Spatial distribution consistency of four datasets in each case area (completely consistent: four datasets are consistent; highly consistent: three datasets are consistent; lowly consistent: two datasets are consistent; completely inconsistent: each dataset is inconsistent with the others)

Multiple Global Population Datasets: Differences and Spatial Distribution Characteristics

Citation: Chen, R., Yan, H., Liu, F., Du, W., & Yang, Y. (2020). "Multiple Global Population Datasets: Differences and Spatial Distribution Characteristics." ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information 9(11): 637,

In view of possible influences of geographical factors, this study analyzes the differences in accuracy of population estimation of four mainstream spatialized population datasets: the History Database of the Global Environment version 3.2.000 (HYDE), Gridded Population of the World version 4 (GPWv4), Global Human Settlement Layer (GHSL), and WorldPop. The analysis is done by computing relative errors and population spatial distribution consistency in different regions by comparing datasets pixel by pixel.